Lethbridgecards July New Releases!

It’s been a busy month in LC towers!

I’ve had loads of new stuff hit the shop the past few weeks, so much so I probably won’t necessarily show it all here. I will however take you on a quick run through of all my favourite goodies listed in the shop this month. As always, ‘welcome10’ gets you 10% off any orders with a £5 minimum spend!

First up are some cute Midori accessories I just had to get in the shop as when I was setting up my own Midori a few weeks ago there was a distinct lack of UK sellers for some of these bits and pieces: cagie leather sticker 1I’m not a massive paperclip person so these tabs are fantastic. Available in two colours so far: orange and bright pink! pvc pocket 1This plastic wallet is perfect for anything you want to carry around in your dori. I use mine from store cards, stickers, washi and post it notes. So far this is just available in regular size but if it proves popular I’ll get in a few more sizes!

My Midori section is small so far but if the accessories prove popular I’ll keep adding more. I won’t be adding in any paper inserts – there’s so many talented people on Etsy making those unless I can make them myself (which I don’t have the patience for) I won’t be listing them in the shop any time soon.

Onto the new planner stickers this month and I have to start with my favourite: my new range of weekly kits ‘Flamingo Love’!flamingo 1 eclpThese cute flamingos come in Erin Condren size, personal, and pocket.

I also created some cute decorative sheets to go with them. flamingo large sheetI’m trying to resist pinching these for my own planner!flamingo small sheetPocket or personal week on one page kits were a suggestion I received on Instagram and so I resized my watercolour and mint & gold kits. watercolour pocketI use a personal week on two pages but think this size would still word on them. mint and gold pocketGiven how much I like takeaway I couldn’t wait to get some naughty food stickers in the shops – including fish and chip stickers!! Fast foodFinally I also put together some cute finance sheets – featuring little kawaii credit cards! FL FinanceThere’s sets in the shop to match most of my weekly kits! There’s also bill due and credit cards available on their own in a range of pastel shades: Pastel credit cardI hope you love this month’s new stock! As always if you have any suggestions of anything you’d like to see – let me know in the comments below!

Em x

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