My Week #30

Is it just me or has July flown??

I guess July has just been a haze of heat and busyness. I’m starting to get into the swing of my new job, the shop is getting busier and we’ve done some flat sorting.

I ended July with yet another flamingo layout as on the back of my cute one from the other week I created a kit of my own. I love how it turned out! my week 30I really love the mix of colours – the splash green helps stop the week looking a little too light. While it looks like I had a productive week this week, I got to the weekend feeling like I’d achieved nothing. I think that’s because the balance of my week wasn’t brilliant. I spent a lot of time on the blog/shop and very little time on me or the flat. My weekend therefore has been spent largely doing boring things like cleaning. Boo.

Planner: Filofax Personal Original in Fuschia
Inserts: Just So Stationery

Sticker/washi sources:
Lethbridge Cards
Dream Big and Plan
Idee Creativmarkt

Em x

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