The Weekend Review: Graze

Something a little different this week with Graze snacks.

I last spoke about Graze on the blog over two years ago (I can’t believe I’ve been blogging that long!) when I went back to Graze after a little break. I grew tired of the boxes quite quickly and cancelled it again. I was receiving too many things I wasn’t that bothered about and ended up with loads going off in the drawer. At the end of last year I signed up again, but this time with one box every two weeks. I was hoping that would mean I then wouldn’t have a backlog of snacks like last time.

I’ve come to realise that last time I didn’t have the patience for Graze. I’ve found the key to it is to constantly review your preferences on the site – you can mark each snack as bin/try/like/love and even select a little ‘send soon’ box.

The problem is I’m not entirely sure they pay any attention to what you select, except for bin and send soon. Everything in the middle seems to come whenever they feel like sending it. For example ‘My Thai’ – little rice cakes with sweet chili dip is listed as ‘try’ and has been all year. I’ve received this three times this year so far. Exactly the same number of times as ‘Honeycomb Flapjack’ that I’ve marked as love (and it has been love all year).

What does all this mean? That you really need to closely manage your selections and if you’ve had something a couple of times on your try list and are a little ‘meh’ about it, just bin it off instead of leaving it as try to ensure you’re more likely to get something new next time.

This may seem a little hard work for something that should just be an easy mail order snack thing but Graze boxes really help me curb that craving that usually leads to a chocolate bar from the vending machine at 3pm so to me, it’s worth it.

Speaking of the snacks…IMG_7616It’s easy to organise the boxes. You just set the day of the week, or fortnight, or whatever and then just it just slips through your letterbox either on the day you chose (or the day after as sometimes happens to me).

With each box you get a handy little leaflet with all the nutritional details and use by dates. Most of the things have long lives but anything like the cakes need to be eaten pretty quick so it’s worth reviewing the leaflet when you receive the box. IMG_7618When I resigned back up for Graze last year I made a point of going through every snack (there’s a lot!) and rating them all. It’s definitely paid off as I’ve had very few bad snacks that I’ve had to run to the website to bin off. IMG_8032In fact, the only thing I’ve had to bin lately is My Thai, for arriving too many times for a ‘try’ item.

If you’re willing to go through the snacks and rate them all then you’ll get some good boxes. If you keep on top of changing up the ratings you’ll continue to get boxes that you like (and won’t get bored of).

As for which ones to send soon? I highly recommend all the flapjacks and the afternoon tea (cake and a teabag).

Em x

P.S. If you do want to sign up, use promo code EMMAL3FVB to get your 1st, 5th and 10th box free – that’s a £12 saving!

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