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Flow Magazine Review

I’ve been after the Flow Book for Paper Lovers for a while now.

While on holiday in Germany I looked out for it but sadly couldn’t find it. What I did find though, was a copy of the actual bi-monthly magazine, simply called ‘Flow’. IMG_7847This is unlike any magazine I’ve ever bought before. It’s large, thick and while the inside pages feel like more ordinary paper the covers and dividers feel high quality.

Yes, I said dividers. This mag is so thick it has dividers between each section and each issue they’re themed. This issue it was fabric or wallpaper designs by Sanderson. IMG_7849The dividers are perforated, making them easy to tear out and reuse (obviously I’ve got these ear marked for filofax dividers at some point!).

The free gifts it came with were cute, a set of tags from the Paper Lovers Book that I’ve been eyeing up and a one letter a day project – great for someone like me who has been trying to get into brush lettering and would love to spend a bit more time on my handwriting.

It feels wrong to describe this as a magazine. You can see why it comes out bi-monthly – at 139 pages (and very few adverts) it’s not a quick coffee break read. The articles are long and cover fascinating subjects from the phases of friendships to spending 24 hours in nature. Even the ‘filler’ pages of how to light a barbecue for instance are beautifully put together with gorgeous illustrations. The adverts as you can see on the left hand page in the photo above are of Etsy stores of illustrators. Everything about this magazine is filling and wholesome, if that makes sense. IMG_7851This does mean that the magazine can be quite heavy going at times. Even now I haven’t actually read every single article in it yet. Some of the articles aren’t the kind of thing I’d usually read but it’s been a nice change to read something a little more worthwhile than beauty pages or gossip columns which is what I would normally read.

Since buying this I’ve found it stocked in Sainsburys and WH Smiths. Not sure if it’s a new thing but definitely don’t recall seeing it there before. I’ll certainly be buying this more in the future. I’m not sure about every month, as it does take me a while to get through and each issue costs £10, but I’ll certainly be having a flick through and picking it up if a few articles catch my eye.

If you’ve read Flow before drop me a comment and let me know what you thought!

Em x

9 thoughts on “Flow Magazine Review

  1. I absolutely love Flow product. I’ve never actually gotten the magazine, but I have the Flow Book for Paper Lovers which I got last Christmas (and still have loads in!). More recently, I bought the Flow Sketchbook to learn how to draw those adorable drawings you see all over the place in Flow products. It’s really good. I also got the Flow Japan book which has articles in Japanese (hoping crafty topics might encourage me to try read more Japanese) and the Illustration Special which is in Dutch – I just wanted to get some reading material in Dutch so I have something to work towards since I’m learning the language.
    I’m not sure if any of the shops near me stock Flow products. I should find really find out. I’ve bought everything online. The shipping was a bit expensive the last time but I was buying 3 heavy books so I felt okay with that.

    1. Oh wow I’m so jealous! I didn’t even know Flow Japan existed but now I really want it. That’ll be something to add to the list when I go next year! The p&p of the books did put me off, I saw the paper lovers book cheaper on Amazon. I don’t think anything other than the magazine is stocked in retail stores sadly. 😦

      1. It’s just the one special they have listed on the Flow site but it is lovely – has crafty how to’s and stuff.
        The p&p is pretty off putting but if it’s the only way of getting the lovely things…there’s a new Flow book out filled with posters and postcards that I kinda want but the p&p is too much just to get one book so I’ll probably wait until the next Book for Paper Lover comes out and get them together.

      2. Good plan! There must be a new paper lovers book out soon? I think I’ll wait for that and maybe do a little splurge on their website!

      3. Last year I got it for Christmas so I know it comes out before the end of the year and I definitely remember seeing people post videos about it in November so no later than then!

      4. Well, Christmas is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to those slightly more pricey things you’re reluctant to get the rest of the year!

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