My Week #33 (two planner week)

Last Sunday evening I was getting all my jobs done when it came to planning the upcoming week.

It was 7:55pm and Robot Wars was about to start – this is the one time of the week that Ed and I go into the living room and sit down together to watch a TV show. I was faced with two options: either plan at the dining table and watch it from there or plan afterwards. I didn’t particularly like either of those options – I wanted to chill out on the sofa and didn’t want to leave it too late to plan next week. It was at that moment that I picked up my Midori and decided this week was the week I would use a bullet journal to plan my life.bujoThis was a layout I just whipped up. It looks pretty scruffy (to me) but I like the simple aqua blue and black colour scheme here. All I used to create this was my usual Faber Castell Ecco Pigment pen, a box of mini Stabilo fineliners and my balloon bookmark/ruler and it was pretty easy to do on the couch. The column on the right is just a long list of anything that popped into my head and then as I went along and planned my days I duplicated them under the day they were meant to be done. Some things that didn’t have specific days, or were just notes were left there. All I then added at the bottom was some Instagram pic ideas.

It was so nice just have a big area where I could basically do a brain dump of everything I needed to do last week, all in one place. That, coupled with a habit tracker I decided to start last week kept me pretty organised for the week. Based on this week I’m really liking the bullet journal.

I couldn’t however just leave my Filofax out in the cold. After all it still holds a lot of info other than my weekly pages. I also didn’t want to leave a blank week and decided to try something new with it – using it for some memory keeping. filofax weekThis is just something I whipped together on Sunday morning to reflect on my week and make a note of certain things I know I’ll want to remember – like a lovely walk around a local lake Ed and I went on and my first blogging event (more on that tomorrow).

I’m very behind on my scrapbooking and so utilising these pages for some memory keeping will be invaluable for me when I finally get around to scrapping again so I think even if I move over to a bujo full time, I’ll want to do something like this. I’d love to add in a couple of pictures here and there but don’t think I have the space.

I’m going to try the bullet journal route again next week. Even though the pages aren’t much different in size from my Filofax I feel like I’ve got so much more space to get out everything I need to do onto paper and I’m loving that so far. If I can neaten up my spread and throw in a few stickers here and there (I have a lot of stickers to use!) I may look to moving to bullet journaling full time.

Em x

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