My Week #35

Back in my Filofax properly this week!

I’m still using my Midori as an on the go bujo, but the majority of my planning is back to being done in my Filofax and I’m loving this week’s pages!my week on two pagesI wanted to try out one of my new personal kits so dug out the pastel bird personal kit from the shop and the week turned out to be one of my favourites ever. This mix of patterns and colours is beautiful and I’ve used way more little stickers than I would normally but it’s turned out really nice. I love how busy it looks while still looking pretty and neat.

Anyway, enough gushing about the decoration. The week itself was really productive too – that Bank Holiday Monday off work really set me up for a great week and I’ve finished nearly everything I set out to do (and there’s still a few hours of Sunday left yet) and realised a load of new stickers in this shop this week. I really wish I could work just four days a week – that would be give me the perfect home/life balance.

Filofax Personal Original in Fuschia

Just So Stationery

Sticker/washi sources:
Lethbridge Cards
Michelle and Patch (now closed)
Bubba Bear Studios
Chocho and Mimi
Stickel Co

Em x

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