My Week #36

This week I decided to embrace Autumn.

Last weekend, as I was planning for the week ahead I was kinda chilly, had a cup of tea, fairy lights and candles. I’m not normally big on Autumn/Winter but in that moment I was really looking forward to it and decided to show it by using my new personal sized autumn kitdsc_0450I’m loving the mix of burnt orange and purple! I’ve had a bit of a lazy week and spent a lot of my evenings just playing video games with Ed and it definitely shows in how empty some of the days are. This has meant that as I type this on Sunday afternoon, I have loads left to do!

Filofax Personal Original in Fuschia

Just So Stationery

Sticker/washi sources:
Lethbridge Cards
Michelle and Patch (now closed)
Bubba Bear Studios
Chocho and Mimi
Stickel Co
Once More With Love
Dream Big and Plan
Linous Pots

Em x
Please note this post may contain affiliate links. They don’t cost you anything, but help my blog immensely! 

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