Lethbridgecards September New Releases

I got into the Autumn spirit this month!

I’m not normally big on Autumn but as soon as it started getting chilly, I got some candles lit, turned my fairy lots and looked forward to the cooler seasons!

So I could obviously do some Autumn themed spreads I had to make some stickers!autumn planner stickersThere’s mini and large decorative kits and a cute personal kit (which you may have already seen me use in a spread).autumn planner spreadI like it because it’s Autumnal without being too dark. Find the range here.

In the same vein I also pulled together some sticker sheets on something else I love – succulents!succulent planner stickersI haven’t gotten around to using these in a spread yet. That might be next week’s theme! You can find the whole range here.

Sticking with kits and some new ones in all sizes (ECLP, person, pocket). geometric flower planner stickersI love how bright and airy these are!

I also decided to add a few more functional stickers to the shop this month. scalloped quarter boxeschecklist half box stickersThese can be found here.

I also added some cute speech bubble post its.

speech bubble post itsspeech bubble stick noteHopefully you like this month’s releases – if there’s anything you’d like to see in the shop – drop me a comment below!

Em x

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