This blog is essentially a way for me to bring together hobbies and passions.

Thanks to my last job in the health and beauty retail sector, a passion for beauty has really flourished over the years. This has led me to spend a lot of money on products that are either amazing, or a complete waste of money. I love reading beauty blogs but I sometimes feel that they don’t really reflect me as a ‘normal’ girl, who isn’t a whizz with make up brushes or complicated techniques. Hopefully the random reviews I provide when I next have a splurge will help anyone pondering the same purchase. If for some reason I do get given PR samples (wishful thinking, clearly) I’ll always still provide an honest review, and tell you that I haven’t paid for the item.

I’ve been cardmaking again for over a year after a break of around 7 years. This was my main hobby and I sell my creations through my Etsy shop (link above). I’ve recently found the world of planners and scrapbooking… There’s always been something exciting about perusing the shelves at a stationers and stocking up on beautiful notebooks and pens. After a break from it during university (being poor in very small halls of residence don’t really lend themselves to massive collections of anything, besides beer cans) I’m back on it in a big way, thanks largely to the Instagram Filofax community. The people I follow on Instagram never fail to inspire me in a big way every single day.

Please get in contact! Either on here, or Instagram @lethbridgecards

Em x

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello fellow stationery addict πŸ™‚

    I love your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster Award! It was created for awesome newbie bloggers to get more involved in the online community! You can find more about the Liebster Award and your nomination over at this post of mine:


    Talk to you soon! Hope you are able to complete the process and nominate others too!
    Peace, love and happiness always!


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