My Week #47

I can’t believe I’ve been tracking my planner for almost a year now. Crazy.

Week 47 was an especially good week for me as it was the week I left my old job! I therefore had quite a few bits and pieces to tie up but then a blissful two days off to enjoy before I face my new challenge. My favourite part of the week’s decoration was definitely the post it note on Friday that says ‘decide to be happy’… for obvious reasons. I think I may have gone a little OTT with the gold stars but it was such a special week I wanted to make it look special.

IMG_3656How was your week?

Em x


Setting up my Original for 2015

Since I bought my Original a while ago, I’d made some dividers for it but then just left it on the side looking pretty.

I realised last weekend that I needed to get it set up properly for next year. I needed to finish off my dividers, get a dashboard all set up, get some monthly inserts and make some sort of proper page markers (as I’m not too fussed about the Filofax ruler that came with it).

Here’s a quick run through of what I’ve done…


It was an oversight when I was making my dividers to not create a dashboard so I dug out the papers I used for the dividers (Happy Days by Papermania) to create one. I wanted my dash and page markers to be in the same style, but not as bold as the inserts so it doesn’t wind up looking too busy. The lettering is from one of the My Minds Eye Then and Now alpha sets I’ve mentioned here before. I’ve put my cute Livework pen on the inner pen loop as used on the outer loop, it bends the edges of my dividers which annoys me a lot. Whether it stays there remains to be seen, as it does effect how I can write on the left hand pages with it in the loop.


After the usual personal info pages you come to the¬†divider for my monthly inserts and again I’ve used the MME lettering.


For some reason it was really quite difficult to find a month on one page set of inserts so I was limited in design choices. I eventually settled on a simple downloadable one I found on Etsy and printed it myself on thin card.


There are a couple of things that bug me about these pages. Firstly, that the left hand pages should have been turned 180 degrees so that you can write on them without resting on the rings. Secondly, due to the set up of the pages it was impossible to print them without the holes going through the dates on the left hand side. Looking at some of the reviews of the shop, it seems I wasn’t the only one with the problem. I’m sure with a lot of messing about, I could have got the pages lined up properly, but I just wasn’t that invested in getting it 100% perfect.


This is one of the page markers I made for use in my monthly pages.


The divider for the weekly planning sheets. I think this is my favourite divider.


My day/week page marker.


Finally, the divider for my notes section which is basically the section for ‘everything else’ including my planner stickers and the plastic wallet.

This set up may change throughout the year. I haven’t decided whether I want a financial section or anything like that yet. But for the time being, this will do me fine.

Have you set up your planner for 2015 yet?

Em x

It’s a little early to talk about how I did with my New Years Resolutions but…

I have news!

Back in January when I talked about my New Years Resolutions I talked about preparing for the other half to finish his PhD and the new career opportunities that might bring for me (as we may end up moving). After getting an unexpected promotion back in February I was afforded a great development opportunity and after some success there I decided it might be time to look for another job. I had made up my mind I didn’t want to stay with that company over the summer and realised that if I was to move to another part of the country with Ed next year I’d want to do it within companies, rather than trying to find a whole new job in a completely different geographical location.

So that is what I’ve done. As of Friday I left my old job and today started a new job with a completely different retailer! It’ll be a bit strange for me as I’m going from being the store manager to the deputy manager of a larger unit. I’m excited about the potentially quicker progression opportunities it affords me and not having to deal with having a pharmacy anymore!

My team gave me a lovely send off (including a Hobbycraft gift voucher… they know me so well!) and I’ll miss them all but I’m so excited for a fresh challenge!

Normal blogging service will resume on Wednesday but I just wanted to share my news with you all!

Have a great week!

Em x