My Week #42

Such a long and busy week this week. Thankfully, I had a pretty colour scheme in my planner to cheer me up!

As with last week there were quite a few to do lists and looked like it went quite towards the end of the week but it was pretty much the opposite. The store was very busy so I was spending 90% of my time on the shop floor just serving customers. I’m looking forward to my weekend off next week! My decoration this week is simple but I like it – you can’t go wrong with pink and certainly not with cute pink elephants.


How was your week?

Em x

Quick birthday card using Vivi Gade glitter film

In my last One Stop Craft Shop haul I picked up some glitter film that they had new in stock and after being way too busy to craft lately I was itching to try it with my Silhouette. 

I needed to make a birthday card and decided to re-use the design I loved from a few weeks ago, with a different selection of colours.

First I set about using the film. I wanted to use it for the bow in the design instead of the vellum I originally used. The film is really thin, has got a nice feel to it, doesn’t shed at all, and has a nice smooth backing so you can attach it to the Silhouette cutting mat easily.

IMG_3468It took a couple of attempts to cut the bow out nicely as when the blade moved from the top downwards it seemed to catch the film and pull it up. To get round this I added a bit of hairspray to my cutting mat to aid adhesion and moved the cut design further down the page to limit the time the blade spends near the edge of the film when cutting.


During my haul at One Stop Craft Shop I also picked up (but didn’t photograph) another set of My Mind’s Eye washi tapes but in the black and gray range (which is actually silver rather than grey) to use for Christmas crafting so I used those along with a roll from the metallics set I already had to make the present.

grandad card


The background paper is from the Metallics paper pack that I used on my last card.

I still like this design of card and may adapt it for my Christmas cards this year (although I am aware it does already look quite Christmassy).

What do you think?

Em x

P.S. in case you like the film and want to check it and the full range of colours out they’re all here.

New No7 Instant Radiance Concealer Review

I feel like I’ve had no free time at the moment so I haven’t been able to do much in the way of crafting. I have, however been doing some shopping at work and have a couple of product reviews coming up instead.

Today’s review is the new No7 Instant Radiance concealer. This has been around for quite a while but if memory serves me correctly, was only available in about 3 shades. They’ve now reformulated it and redone the shades so there’s now 9 available. Sadly not enough to match the full range of match made colours they do now, but there should be enough colours to suit most people. On the match made note though, they don’t correspond with the names of the match made shades, they’re just numbered.


Ooh. Shiny. I’m really loving No7’s packaging recently; they’ve done a good job of moving away from the older look they used to have.

This is a nice concealer. It seemed to have a good mix of colour and highlighter. Some of these types of under eye concealer I’ve tried in the past have lent more towards highlighting with not enough colour to actually conceal the dark circles whereas this appeared to have a good balance.

Application was easy enough. One or two clicks gave me enough product for each under eye area. You can probably use the brush to work it in but I used my fingers as there seemed to be a lot of product left on the brush. My current under eye concealer routine is to use two (yes two) different liquid concealers and then just finish it off in a few places with the Chella highlighter pencil that I love. I therefore just replaced the Chella pencil with the No7 concealer to see what difference I found. While the radiance was fantastic – it really did catch the light well – unfortunately it just didn’t cover the final bits of dark circle that the Chella pencil normally does. I was quite disappointed as I really wanted to like this.

In the end I guess this just matched my previous experiences with radiance concealers sadly. I might use it a couple more times and play around with it to see if I can improve the finish but I really do think they just need a bit more colour/pigment. Maybe my circles are just too dark?

Have you tried this? What did you think? Do you have any great under eye concealer tips?

Em x