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New Etsy purchase: rubber stamps

I said in my last Etsy post I had more goodies on their way and they finally arrived so I wanted to show them off!

I stumbled upon an Etsy shop selling cute rubber stamps a few weeks ago. As I love rubber stamps (despite barely using them) I naturally wanted them all. As they were reasonably priced but a completely unknown company to me, I decided to just buy a couple and see how the quality was before going completely mad.

Here’s what I went for:

IMG_2778So they’re quite small (which I knew when I ordered) but I figured they’d still work on cards and definitely gift tags. The panda one in the middle was purely bought for the reason that I love pandas! No idea what i’ll use it for. All three came to £6.02 including shipping and took just under two weeks to arrive from South Korea. Not bad really when I think how long it takes items to arrive from China sometimes.

I also received this in the box:

IMG_2786Which I thought was a lovely little touch! I was even happier when I saw said gift…

IMG_2782Stickers and a stamp! Here’s a close up of the stamp:

IMG_2779I was intrigued as to how this would stamp, being so small and intricate. I tested them all out with some pigment ink to see how good they were.

IMG_2784Pretty good stamping!  I had to do the fishies twice as there wasn’t enough ink on the stamp the first time. They defintely need inking up really well to get a good finish, but I’m happy with the quality. The stamps feel really nicely made too and even the little fairy stamped well (though there was probably a bit too much ink on that stamp).

Overall, I’m really happy with my purchase from Ppappappiyo’s Etsy shop and will be making another order very soon no doubt!

What do you think of the stamps? Have you stumbled upon any great stamp sellers on Etsy?

Em x

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