My Week #40

As mentioned last week I’ve moved into my fuchsia properly!

I’ve been so busy this past week just having my little personal to worry about updating has been ideal. I haven’t had to spend huge amounts of time making it look good either as the pages are so small. I haven’t so far had any issues with fitting everything in so this set up might end up working for me long term.

I had big plans for the weekend – including getting back to the gym but the North has made me ill. Boo.

my week 40

I love this washi tape! I’ve also loved being able to use some of my stickers from the stock swap I participated in – I can’t believe that’s the first pizza I’ve had since I received those stickers… that’s most unlike me. My little planner stamps are the perfect size for use in personal though I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t press hard enough on them when using. The only thing I haven’t put in here is my ‘no spend’ sticker to track my no spend progress but I found since I was away for most of the week I spent very little money anyway.

I’m still struggling with where on earth to put my pen. Even a normal pen in the loop bends my dividers or stops the Filo from closing so I’ve resorted to sliding it down in the rings and because of the size it doesn’t tend to drop out. For those of you with personal Originals… how do you carry a pen??

Em x


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